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N E T W O R K   R U L E S

Betas-Online is a private network, we ask users and channels to respect some basic rules

No channels - we won't spend our time to check you are over 18 or not, so misc is simply forbidden; of course private trading has nothing to do with network.
No war or disrespect between channels - we have channels meetings to solve issues between channels.
No spamming, no flood - advertising other networks by sending pms (private messages) to users or flooding channels is not an acceptable irc behavior, and won't be tolerate.
No excessive clones - if you need more than the fixed max number of connections by user at a time, contact an ircop and explain him why you need more clones. The final decision about clones is left to ircops decision.
No harassing users/channels opers/irc opers - you can contact an ircop (irc oper) if you have to complain about a channel oper or an ircop behavior; don't judge and don't dispense justice yourself. Explain yourself calmly and clearly; most of the time misunderstandings are the starting point of arguments; we are here to try to solve them too.
No "racist" behavior  - racism of any kind (based on race, religion, sexual preference etc.) won't be accepted.
No begging  - the more you ask for some status on this network, the less chance you have to get it; we watch channels and we see people very active and helpful; network recruitment is done on our own criteria and his a decision of the network team.

Channels have their own rules. Those rules must be in agreement with the Network rules, even if they can be different. Users and channels opers behaviors is a channel matter. Nevertheless, if users of a channel, or even opers of a channel,  don't respect one (or more) of the Network rules and that the concerned channel is not reacting, this becomes a Network issue and accordingly an ircop can intervene.

You can also read Betas-Online Charter.